New PhD course: Interdisciplinary perspectives on work, stress, health and performance


We would like to inform you about a new PhD course to be given by the Stockholm Stress Center Graduate School, spring 2017. The course covers interdisciplinary perspectives on work-related stress and is a course that is adequate for both graduate students in the beginning of their thesis work (get a deeper understanding for the concept of stress) as well as for graduate student closer to dissertation (contextualizing their thesis and understanding empirical knowledge from different perspectives).

The general aim of the course is to bridge the existing gap between different disciplines by presenting and discussing interdisciplinary perspectives on work-related stress; its causes, and effects on health and performance. Drawing on the combined expertise of the research units involved in the Stockholm Stress Center Graduate School, the course offers a unique interdisciplinary learning environment for gaining in-depth understanding of stress in various work contexts.

For more information, please see the course websites:
Part I
Part II

Questions? Please contact the Graduate School Coordinators Lena Låstad ( or Erik Berntson (


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