Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture and Horticulture


 15-17 November 2016, Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden

Farmers and others engaged in Agriculture and Horticulture are exposed to a number of risk factors in their daily work. Join the course on OHS in Agriculture and Horticulture in November 2016 and learn about the current issues and how to prevent them. After the course, you will have a profound knowledge and understanding based on the latest research. I addition, you will get training based on the best practices. We can also guarantee that you will expand you network and exchange experience and knowledge with the lecturers and other participants during the course.

Course leader:
Christina Lunner Kolstrup, PhD, Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

To register and read more about the event, please check: http://niva.org/course/ohs-in-agriculture-and-horticulture/


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